800CDL Handbook License for the Programmable Controllers Training Program

800CDL Handbook License for the Programmable Controllers Training Program
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The 800CDL Handbook License allows the user to legally reproduce the contents of all ten handbooks in the Programmable Controllers Training Program right from their desktop.

The License for these handbooks provide even more detailed information than the regular single handbook and information is based on our company's best selling text on PLCs titled Programmable Controllers Theory and Implementation. Over 680 total pages of PLC information. When binded in a folder, it provides an excellent reference and knowledge-based document where users can make notes on specifics of their equipment, applications and troubleshooting tips for their equipment.

The License includes handbooks for the following programs:

  1. Introduction To Programmable Controllers
  2. PLC Number Systems and Codes
  3. Logic Functions and Their Relationship with PLC Systems
  4. General CPU Operations, Memory System, and PLC I/O Addressing
  5. Discrete Input/Output System
  6. Analog Input/Output System
  7. Introduction to PLC Software Programming and Basic Relay Programming Instructions
  8. Timer, Counter Program Flow Control and Arithmetic Programming Instruction
  9. Data Manipulation, Data Handling and Data Transfer Programming Instructions
  10. PLC Control System Implementation and Control Programming


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