700CDL Electrical and Motor Controls Program Handbook License

700CDL Electrical and Motor Controls Program Handbook License
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The 700CDL Handbook License allows the user to legally reproduce the contents of all ten handbooks in the Electrical & Motor Controls Training Series right from their desktop.

This License is recommended to companies that have more than 7 or 8 people going through the training program. When binded in a folder, it provides an excellent reference and knowledge-based document where users can make notes on specifics of their equipment, applications and troubleshooting tips for their equipment.

The License includes the following programs:

  • Understanding 3Ø Power and Plant Distribution
  • Electrical Switching, Timing, and Control Devices
  • Instrumentation: Discrete and Sensory
  • Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits
  • Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Control Circuits
  • Introduction to Motor Control Operations and Protection
  • Sizing the Protection of Motors and Control Circuits
  • AC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting
  • DC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting
  • Understanding and Applying PLCs in Electrical Controls
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