747 AC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting

747 AC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting
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This program explains AC motors in detail. The general operation of three-phase (3Ø) and single-phase (1Ø) motors is reviewed as well as the components that form a motor. Also covered in detail are the three different types of single phase capacitor motors.

The start and acceleration methods of Full-Voltage (Across-The-Line) and Reduced-Voltage are presented. The program explains in detail the five types of reduced voltage starts which include: Primary resistor, Autotransformer, Wye-Delta, Part winding and Solid-state.

Also presents in detail the operation of reversing AC motor circuits using drum switches, manual, and magnetic starters. Accelerating and decelerating circuits are also explained, along with braking techniques using friction brakes, plugging switches and electric braking. Multi-speed motors are also covered including constant torque, constant horsepower and variable torque.

This module also includes a thorough explanation of troubleshooting AC motors and what symptoms to look for to avoid motor failures. Also presented is the topic of 1Ø and 3Ø AC motors starting and working but not correctly and how to identify its causes and how to fix the problems.

AC Motor Controls & Troubleshooting
Learn about 1Ø and 3Ø AC motor controls.  Cover the different methods and circuits to reduced-voltage start AC motors.  Also cover acceleration and deceleration circuits, along with different available braking techniques. Explore the operation and control of motors using AC drives, trouble-shooting methods and procedures used with  AC motors, and symptoms to look for to avoid motor failures.

Lessons in this program:

  1. 3Ø AC Motors
  2. 1Ø AC Motors
  3. General Operation of AC Motors
  4. Starting and Accelerating AC Motors
  5. Reduced Voltage Starts—Primary Resistor
  6. Reduced Voltage Starts—Autotransformer
  7. Reduced Voltage Starts—Wye-Delta
  8. Reduced Voltage Starts—Part Winding
  9. Reduced Voltage Starts—Solid-State
  10. Reversing 1Ø AC Motors
  11. Reversing 3Ø AC Motors
  12. Decelerating AC Motors
  13. Speed Control of AC Motors
  14. Variable Speed Drive
  15. Troubleshooting AC Motors
  16. Troubleshooting—Motor Does Not Work With Power Applied
  17. Troubleshooting—3Ø Motor Draws Current
  18. Troubleshooting—1Ø and 3Ø Motors Start and Work But Not Correctly

Cut AC Motor Troubleshooting Time in Half

  • Before someone can troubleshoot a 1Ø or 3Ø motor they need to understand how they operate—we'll show you how.
  • Solve the trickiest reduced-voltage start problem.
  • Understand how variable speed drives work and where to look to solve problems.
  • Troubleshoot across-the-line start motors as well as the 5 types of reduced-voltage start motors.
  • Troubleshoot solid-state starters by quickly detecting misfiring of SCRs.
  • Troubleshoot the different reversing methods and circuits used with AC motors.
  • The motor may be working, but is it working properly—learn to identify the hidden problems that can cause your motor to fail.
  • Is the fault at the motor or is it the circuit—learn how to quickly troubleshoot using the ladder diagram.
  • Quickly troubleshoot multispeed motors and their circuits—learn how to double check the connections.
  • Cut troubleshooting time by looking for the most likely causes of motor failure first.

CD-Rom Interactive Option

  • One CD-Rom Disk with 18 Lessons
  • Includes Downloadable Comprehensive Handbook
  • Includes built-in Certificate of Completion generation
  • Includes built-in Final Exam validation proof document
  • Built-in Interactive Review Questions after each lesson
  • Built-in Interactive Final Exam
  • Review Questions and Final Exam with Automatic Reinforcement Mode (ARM)
    to enhance learning experience
  • Interactive Multimedia presentation

DVD Option

  • One DVD with Two Parts:
    Part 1 (
    31:44 min)
    Part 2 (
    32:27 min)
  • Includes comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.
  • Includes Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Introduction to Motor Control Operations and Protection

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