711 Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits

711 Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits
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This program presents students a thorough explanation of electrical control circuits and the diagrams that represent these circuits. It also covers in detail ladder diagrams, how to read and reference them, and how to properly document them.

In addition to ladder diagrams, the program discusses the input logic components of control circuits (AND-OR-NOT), as well as how to implement control outputs. We will also go over control circuit examples and implementation and the explanation of electrical control circuits and the addition of memory to a circuit. The program also covers the important topic of interlocking and discusses the different types which include mechanical, push button and auxiliary contact interlocking methods and how they are used in the implementation of more complex control circuits.

Also covered in detail is the interpretation of more complex ladder diagrams including the cross-referencing of control relays and mechanically linked devices, as well as wiring diagrams including magnetic starter wiring. The program also covers layout and connection diagrams to give you the guidelines on how to properly put together your control panel that houses the control circuit.

Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits
Master ladder, wiring and layout diagrams and the interaction of the many control devices found in these circuits.  Program also covers topics of adding memory to a control circuit,  interlocking,  and interpreting more complex control circuits.  

Lessons in this program:

  1. Basics of Control Circuits
  2. Ladder Diagrams
  3. Basic Rules of Electrical Ladder Diagrams
  4. Control Circuit Sections
  5. Control Circuit Logic
  6. Control Circuit Example—AND-OR-NOT Logic
  7. Adding Memory to a Control Circuit
  8. Interlocking Circuits
  9. Interpreting More Complex Ladder Diagrams
  10. Wiring Diagrams
  11. Layout and Connection Diagrams

Everyone in the Plant Must Know How to Properly Read Electrical Diagrams—Cut Potential Problems Now

  • Protect your employees—follow our four basic rules of ladder diagrams to implement a safe circuit.
  • Use circuit logic properly to implement the right control circuit and avoid problems later.
  • Know the control circuit section so that later troubleshooting them becomes easier.
  • Add interlocking, memory, and cross-referencing to complex control circuits.
  • Layout a control panel—from scratch to finish—just by following the wiring and layout diagrams.
  • Implement motor control and magnetic starter circuit diagrams.
  • Prevent faulty operation and equipment damage—use mechanical, push button, and electrical interlocks.
  • Design and read ladder, wiring, and layout diagrams.
  • Save installation time—follow our method to layout a control system using proper component placement and wiring guidelines.
  • Avoid confusion—document and cross-reference devices properly so that everyone will understand the ladder diagram and know how to troubleshoot it.

CD-Rom Interactive Option

  • One CD-Rom Disk with 11 Lessons
  • Includes Downloadable Comprehensive Handbook 
  • Includes built-in Certificate of Completion generation
  • Includes built-in Final Exam validation proof document
  • Built-in Interactive Review Questions after each lesson
  • Built-in Interactive Final Exam
  • Review Questions and Final Exam with Automatic Reinforcement Mode (ARM)
    ​to enhance learning experience
  • Interactive Multimedia presentation

DVD Option

  • One DVD with Two Parts:
    Part 1 (26:48 min)
    Part 2 (24:26 min)
  • Includes comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.​
  • Includes Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits

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