707 Instrumentation: Discrete & Sensory

707 Instrumentation: Discrete & Sensory
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This program explains the different types of discrete and process instrumentation sensing devices that are used to sense the position of parts and components and their operation.

The sensing devices covered in this program include limit, proximity, and photoelectric switches, which are used in detection of parts in a manufacturing operation. The program explains how these instrumentation components detect mechanical motion and translate it into an electrical signal so that a control circuit may use it to execute the intended command. The process sensing devices covered include pressure, flow, float, and temperature sensors. You will also learn about the operation, the control, and representation of solenoid-operated valves.

Also explained are the troubleshooting tasks for these control elements as well as the proper installation and necessary adjustments according to the device’s application.

The program explains how these instrumentation devices detect a signal level and translate it into an electrical signal so that a control circuit may use it. Also explains the troubleshooting tasks for these control elements.

Instrumentation: Discrete and Sensory
Learn the use, application and troubleshooting of field devices used in the sensing of position in discrete instrumentation (Limit, Proximity, Photoelectric) and in the sensing of discrete process information (Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature). Covers a thorough explanation of discrete solenoid operated valves generally used in the control of fluid flow. 

Lessons in this program:

  • Limit Switches (LS)
  • Limit Switches Representation and Actuation
  • Limit Switches Travel Action
  • Limit Switches Installation and Adjustments
  • Limit Switches Troubleshooting
  • Proximity Switches (ProxS)
  • Proximity Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Photoelectric Switches (PeS)
  • Photoelectric Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Pressure Switches (PS)
  • Pressure Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Flow Switches (FS)
  • Flow Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Float Switches (FLS)
  • Float Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Temperature Switches (TS)
  • Temperature Switches Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Solenoid Operated Control Valves
  • Solenoids and Valves
  • Solenoid Valves Installation and Troubleshooting

Bench Test & Calibrate Components—Cut Installation Time & Costs

  • Similar devices share components—cut your spare parts inventory to a minimum.
  • Intermittent malfunctions in limit switches can take forever to track down—earn a step-by-step method for identifying and solving the problem quickly.
  • You can be sure that your personnel will know how to test and calibrate these components before installation to avoid costly mistakes and delays.
  • Calibrate and bench test the most common components found in your plant.
  • Choose the correct photoelectric sensor for your application.
  • Apply, install, and troubleshoot limit, photoelectric, and proximity switches.
  • Should you use an inductive or capacitive prox—they look the same, but if you pick the wrong one it won’t detect.
  • Wire and understand the inner workings of 2, 3, and 4-way valves.
  • Cut your installation time—bench test and calibrate pressure devices before installation.
  • Clogged ports or a bad solenoid—learn to spot the difference and avoid replacing unnecessary components.

CD-Rom Interactive Option

  • One CD-Rom Disk with 20 Lessons
  • Includes Downloadable Comprehensive Handbook 
  • Includes built-in Certificate of Completion generation
  • Includes built-in Final Exam validation proof document
  • Built-in Interactive Review Questions after each lesson
  • Built-in Interactive Final Exam
  • Review Questions and Final Exam with Automatic Reinforcement Mode (ARM)
    ​to enhance learning experience
  • Interactive Multimedia presentation

DVD Option

  • One DVD with Two Parts:
    Part 1 (21:13 min)
    Part 2 (29:08 min)
  • Includes comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.​
  • Includes Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Instrumentation: Discrete & Sensory​

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