705 Electrical Switching, Timing and Control Devices

705 Electrical Switching, Timing and Control Devices
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This program covers the most common switches, timers, and control devices found in your plant. You have
hundreds (probably thousands) of these devices in your plant. At a cost of $25 to $250 per component, this
program will quickly pay for itself.

We show how these devices work, how they are wired, and how to troubleshoot them. This program also
provides the rst step in learning ladder diagrams.

Electrical Switching, Timing and Control Devices
Study the use, application and troubleshooting of basic field devices (switches, selectors, drum switches, relays, etc.) used in electrical control circuits. You'll also thoroughly cover the use, application and the different types of on-delay and off-delay timers in control circuits.

Lessons in this program:

  1. Overview and Ladder Diagrams
  2. Control Switches
  3. Push Buttons
  4. Troubleshooting Push Buttons
  5. Selector Switches
  6. Pilot Lights
  7. Drum Switches
  8. Troubleshooting Drum Switches
  9. Control Relays
  10. Latch/Unlatch Relays
  11. Troubleshooting Control Relays
  12. Timers
  13. Understanding ON-Delay and OFF-Delay Timers
  14. Additional Timer Circuit Codings
  15. Types of Timers
  16. Troubleshooting Timer Circuits


Solve Even the Trickiest Component Failures

  • Poles, throws, breaks—there are dozens of different combinations—pick the right one for your application and know how to wire it.
  • Avoid costly wiring mistakes—read multiposition selector switches in ladder diagrams.
  • Troubleshoot tricky pushbutton problems—don’t replace the whole thing when it might just be the contact blocks.
  • At a cost of $25 to $250 per component, this program will pay reward dividends quickly.
  • This program also provides the first step in learning ladder diagrams.
  • Read the action and timing diagrams of ON-delay and OFF-delay timers so that when something goes wrong,
    you’ll know exactly which component to replace.
  • Use time-delayed and instantaneous timer contacts—know the difference and protect your equipment.
  • Avoid intermittent problems—make sure control relays are receiving the proper steady voltage.
  • Troubleshooting relays can be a nightmare—follow our detailed troubleshooting method and save time.
  • Many control devices share components— learn how to cut your spare parts inventory to a minimum.

CD-Rom Interactive Option

  • One CD-Rom Disk with 16 Lessons
  • Includes Downloadable Comprehensive Handbook 
  • Includes built-in Certificate of Completion generation
  • Includes built-in Final Exam validation proof document
  • Built-in Interactive Review Questions after each lesson
  • Built-in Interactive Final Exam
  • Review Questions and Final Exam with Automatic Reinforcement Mode (ARM)
    ​to enhance learning experience
  • Interactive Multimedia presentation

DVD Option

  • One DVD with Two Parts:
    Part 1 (26:48 min)
    Part 2 (24:26 min)
  • Includes comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.​
  • Includes Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Electrical Switching, Timing and Control Devices

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