702 Understanding 3Ø Power and Plant Distribution

702 Understanding 3Ø Power and Plant Distribution
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This program covers the important topic of three-phase (3Ø) power generation and how it arrives at the manufacturing plant or facility. The program starts with how three-phase power is generate and how power is transmitted from a source, such as a hydroelectric plant, all the way to your facility.

Also cover is the important wye and delta power systems, as well as the need for balanced circuits in the power distribution network of your manufacturing operation. The program then moves on to power distribution inside the plant and how this power is properly routed including the use of switchgear and busways. Also presented is how the power is passed on to motor control centers, (MCCs) panel boards, and control panels to control equipment in the plant.

Thorough explanations on the functionality of transformers are also presented, including wye-to-wye and delta-to-delta transformer configurations used in power distribution.

Everyone who works with, or around, electrical equipment needs to know the basics as well as how to protect themselves and your equipment.

Understanding 3Ø Power and Plant Distribution
Learn about 3Ø power and its distribution in the plant. master the Wye and Delta power system as well as switchgears and busways. Cover details of the important topic of power factor and power factor correction and where to place power factor correction capacitors for proper correction.

Lessons in this program:

  1. Power Transmission
  2. Power Generation
  3. Wye Power System
  4. Balanced Loads and Circuits
  5. Delta Power Systems
  6. Power Distribution
  7. Wye-to-Wye Transformers
  8. Delta-to-Delta Transformers
  9. Power Distribution Inside the Plant
  10. Busways and Motor Control Centers (MCCs)
  11. Grounding and DC Power
  12. Power Factor
  13. Power Factor Correction


Everyone Will Understand the Basics of Power in the Plant

  • Choose the safest methods for power distribution.
  • Understand why motors and their voltages are designed the way they are.
  • Configure wye and delta branch and feeder circuits to provide a balanced power system.
  • Learn which voltage connection to avoid to prevent equipment damage.
  • Determine phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral voltages and currents.
  • Before you can protect your circuits everyone has to understand them.
  • Cut your power bills and extend the life of your equipment by using power factor correction.
  • Distribute power through your plant via switchgear and busways.
  • Rectify AC power into DC power.
  • Make sure you place correction capacitors in the right place or else your motor overload heaters
    won't work right and you'll burn out your motors.
  • Provide a safe ground bus—for safety and proper equipment operation Cut your power bills and
    extend the life of your equipment by using power factor correction.

CD-Rom Interactive Option

  • One CD-Rom Disk with 13 Lessons
  • Includes Downloadable Comprehensive Handbook
  • Includes built-in Certificate of Completion generation
  • Includes built-in Final Exam validation proof document
  • Built-in Interactive Review Questions after each lesson
  • Built-in Interactive Final Exam
  • Review Questions and Final Exam with Automatic Reinforcement Mode (ARM)
    to enhance learning experience
  • Interactive Multimedia presentation

DVD Option

  • One DVD with Two Parts:
    Part 1 (24:47 min)
    Part 2 (26:29 min)
  • Includes comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.
  • Includes Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Understanding 3Ø Power and Plant Distribution

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